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Tips #2 - Shipping Tips

Do you have trouble packing or shipping your parcel? No worries as Gracia Orbis will share some shipping guides on packing and shipping your parcels the right way!

Right way of boxing/securing your package
The 'Dos' of Shipping

Why does packaging matter?

Effective packaging keeps your parcel secure during delivery to its destination by preventing it from bouncing around or being crushed.

Packing items correctly also saves money since it reduces the need to ship a replacement product if the original is damaged. On that topic, it also protects your store's reputation by preventing customers or your receiver from getting defective or "dead on arrival" (DoA) merchandise.

“First Things First”

These are some of the important things that you have to check first:

  1. Check if it fits

This might sound obvious but make sure that your items fit the packaging. A package that isn’t square or rectangular in shape will require extra care as it won’t be as stackable as conventional boxes. Reduce the empty space inside your package to avoid your items from being damaged during transit.

2. Parcel Limitation

Every piece of packaging is made to withstand a certain amount of weight. Before sending your package for shipping or delivery, be sure to check the weight with your courier or delivery service. Overweight packing will be considered as heavy parcel delivery and will result in extra delivery charges. For further details on this, you can contact Gracia Orbis sales team or request for a quotation on our website and we will reach you shortly.

3. No dangerous or prohibited items!

In Gracia Orbis, we do not deliver poisonous, flammable, corrosive, explosive, and other hazardous materials.

Pictures of wrong way of packaging
The 'Don't' of Shipping

What kind of packaging material would you need?

When it comes to packaging your products for shipping or delivery, there are a variety of options. This list includes some of the most popular types of materials that you could use, but keep in mind that there are many more.

Outer Packaging: This is important to ensure a sturdy packaging in order to deliver your packages or items safely:

· Polyurethane bag (good for light, non-fragile items)

· Packaging tube

· Small single-layered cardboard box (for smaller products)

· Larger double/ triple-layered box (for heavier and larger products)

Filler material and cushioning material: These types of materials are crucial as they will keep your items protected in the package during the shipping or delivery process. And best of all, you can buy it at office supply or department stores inexpensively such as:

· Packaging tissue paper

· Peanuts foams

· Cardboard inserts

· Crumpled paper

· Styrofoam inserts

· Bubble wrap

Sealing Tape: To ensure that your packages are shipped and handled correctly, using tapes with a strong film guarantees a consistent seal every time. This provides confidence that the package will not tear no matter how the package is shipped and that the package has not been tampered with.Some examples of tapes that you can use are:

· Brown plastic tape (Polypropylene tape)

· Electrical tape (Vinyl adhesive tape)

· Duct Tape (Fiber-reinforced paper tape)

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