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Tips #4 - Cold Delivery

Updated: Feb 20

Do you know that you can deliver food or perishable items and get it on the same day with Gracia Orbis? But how do you ensure the delivery of certain items that need to be refrigerated at all times stays fresh?

This is where our cold-chain delivery service has a vital role to play!

What does it mean when a package needs ‘cold-chain delivery?’

Perishable items or food like vegetables, fruits, fresh meats and seafood susceptible to damage from heat, light and handling. They usually have to be kept within a specific temperature range to maintain the quality and extend their shelf life.Cold- chain delivery or ‘cold chain management’ demands special packaging like cold boxes, thermal bags, ice bags etc. which cannot be compromised. In Gracia Orbis, we do provide some of these to keep your items or packages temperature controlled.

What’s the importance of cold-chain delivery?

Cold-chain delivery is very important especially if you are in the F & B business as it could reduce the bacteria growth where a safe-food environment can be maintained throughout the journey even with little supervision. There are some other benefits if you use cold-delivery service to send your items or products compared when using a normal delivery service such as:

1. Eliminate food safety risks

2. Reduce thermal abuse within the cold chain

3. Improve food quality

4. Extend the shelf life of food products

5. Improve cold-chain efficiency and productivity

6. No finger pointing between sellers and buyers

7. Extend product shelf life

How does Gracia Orbis arrange cold chain deliveries?

As a reliable courier that keeps strict standards, our team confirms that your delivery of perishable items are safe and efficient. In cold-chain deliveries, it’s very important for us to store it properly and not tamper with it. Our team will also make sure that from the time it leaves from the pick-up to the time it reaches its destination, the quality is still maintained.

Our cold-chain delivery will be delivered on the same day with a fixed rate at only RM11. However, this depends on our Terms and Conditions.

You only have to call us or contact us through our website to arrange your cold-chain delivery and Gracia Orbis will do the rest for you!

What happens when I get my cold-chain order?

After receiving your parcel, it is important to cool perishable items or food as quickly as possible in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can chilled it by putting it in the fridge as soon as it arrives or cooling it using these methods:

  • dividing them into smaller amounts

  • running cold water through it

  • placing in a cool part of the kitchen or cool food room (ensure it is properly covered to protect against contamination)

  • using a fan to blow air across the perishable items or food (ensure the fan is in a clean condition)

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