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Tips #3

Delivery services and businesses

Due to the pandemic a lot of businesses were affected, and had to halt their operation. For few, delivering their goods is an essential part of their operation and the MCO has jeopardized their businesses. However, with the help of online business platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Shopee and more, it has given them a chance to continue their operation, hence these businesses rely heavily on delivery services.

Good services

When looking for delivery services, most business owners would opt for a trusted and reliable service. It is a crucial criteria, as these delivery companies will be taking care of their goods and delivering it to the customers. Not only that, they also want services that are affordable as typically they will be doing multiple deliveries. These businesses depend highly on the satisfaction of their customers. Thus, looking for good delivery companies that can send their goods to the customers on time, would be the icing on the cake.


A return customer is an ideal situation for any kind of business. The same goes to the business owners and Gracia Orbis. If you need to deliver your goods and you want a trustworthy, reliable and affordable company, we at Gracia Orbis would be delighted to give you a hand. Gracia Orbis offer only RM9 for the same day delivery, that will excite your customers! No more tracking where their parcel is, or wondering what time it’s going to come. They can expect the same day without any hassle!

Worth your time and money

Time is gold when it comes to businesses. You often operate on a tight schedule, therefore it requires all hands on deck. With delivery services like Gracia Orbis, the workload and the process time can be lessened. This will help the businesses to focus on more important things rather than the ground works. It will be a great investment for your company and your customers.

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