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Same Day 

For the urgent occasions when you need your items to arrive on the same day, Gracia Orbis can guarantee that your package reaches its destination “The Same Day”.


With our convenient same day special delivery service, we’ll ensure that you always keep your promises.

Whether it be business-to-business or simply a personal parcel delivery, our expert couriers ensure that your goods will arrive promptly in perfect condition.


Book your same day courier today.

Here at Gracia Orbis, we understand just how important it is for your parcels to arrive quickly and safely.


Therefore, we provide a delivery service which ensures that your parcel arrives at the right time the following day, as we acknowledge that next day deliveries are also critical for many businesses.


With the need for instant gratification by most consumers, goods can be delivered as soon as possible to manage a growing customer base, and to keep them satisfied.

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Next Day 

Moving Truck

Heavy Parcel

Are you trying to send a heavier parcel? We know that shipping larger and heavier parcels can be challenging, but we ensure that your heavy parcels are handled with care and consideration.Our heavy parcel delivery team would do all the heavy lifting and deliver you parcels safely. 

With our cold-chain delivery, you can expect an end-to-end delivery process that keeps the temperature of your parcel or goods consistent. This service relies on cold storage warehouses and professional packaging solutions to meet temperature control requirements of food while ensuring prioritised loading and delivery.

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Cold Chain

Ocean Freight & Air Freight Services




Trucking & Local Delivery


Oversize Cargo

Last Mile Delivery

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